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5 travel SCARES I Experienced as well as What I discovered From Them

I was inspecting articles in my news Feed when I observed that a great deal of my buddies shared this video from​, so I enjoyed it. It made me truly delighted for two reasons: since the narrative was effective, as well as since its message advocates something that I care about.

That something I state I care about? Being insured. Vins as well as I didn’t stop our day tasks blindfolded. We understood it was a risky step financially, so we did whatever we might to make sure stability. before resigning to go after a life of travel, we made sure our blogs are earning sufficient as well as that we have developed an excellent portfolio to draw in freelance clients must the requirement arise. We likewise made sure we had three things: savings, investments, as well as insurance.

Why insurance? since I care about my family. I may be single, however I’m the one sending my niece as well as nephew to school. as well as I want them to have what I didn’t when I was a kid. I understand exactly how it feels to have nearly nothing, to online in a home made from sawdust that can be blown away by the weakest storms, to gather utilized cooking oil from neighbors to add flavor to my rice. If it weren’t for my mommy working tirelessly day as well as night, I wouldn’t be able to surface college, which ultimately turned my life around.

I want an assurance that my household would still be fine in situation something occurs to me.

You see, travel isn’t all fun. a lot of people believe full-time travelers spend all the time by the beach, drinking mojito. That’s true at times (LOL), however what you don’t see on their glossy, heavily-filtered Instagram articles are the difficulties along the way. travel is unpredictable as well as often dangerous. as well as as a accountable uncle, I have to prepare for all possible scenarios. Because, assumption what, I ended up being as well close to risk a few times!

Here are some personal experiences that led me to an afternoon satisfying with a monetary advisor! I’m sharing these not to prevent you from traveling, however just to show that travel is not all about passport stamps as well as rainbows.

1. That time I nearly fell off a cliff

Lake Holon, our destination.
Mt. Melibingoy, South Cotabato. It rained that morning so the path to Lake Holon was a bit muddy as well as slippery. Back then, the location was not yet popular. The path was littered with rocks that were covered in moss. I slipped several times, leaving me with scratches around my arms as well as legs. however at one point, I was method ahead of the pack when I came across a gigantic log parallel the trail. I wished to take pictures from a higher vantage point so I climbed onto the log, which was covered by moss. I slipped again. I might have fallen either way: back to the path to my ideal side or off the cliff to my left.

I got LUCKY. I was lucky I fell to my ideal since if I complied with Beyonce as well as fell to the left, to the left, I’d be on the papers the next day!

Thank heavens these are all I got when I fell. If I fell to the left, I’d most likely be dead.
Key takeaway: get appropriate footwear (LOL), don’t go climbing logs by the cliff, as well as get insured for the benefit of your dependents.

2. That time I crashed my bike

Struggling to keep my bike directly on the method to Angkor Wat
The least expensive method to check out Siem Reap, Cambodia? By bike, of course. however I had one small problem: I didn’t understand exactly how to bike. Still, I rented one as well as taught myself to trip it the entire morning.

Past noon, I was ready! Or so I thought. I spent the entire afternoon biking around town! By nightfall I was already on the method back to the hotel. just when I was about to celebrate that I survived the day without incident, I crashed as well as fell in the middle of the road at rush hour! Thankfully, the automobile behind me stopped just in time!

The mishap left me with two shallow however large wounds on my left leg. however that wasn’t the hardest part. I was traveling alone, the wounds did not heal even when I moved on to Thailand, stopping me from doing more. Sayang!

Key takeaway: Don’t take on the crazy streets of Siem Reap if you just discovered exactly how to bike hours earlier. Ha ha. It’s obvious, I know, however I was take on as well as dumb. as well as get insured.

3. That time I went from Marrakech to may Sakit genuine quick

After two months of non-stop traveling in Japan, UAE, Turkey, as well as Morocco, it was time to head house as well as take a break. lots of of those days, I was walking or running around with over 30 kilos of luggage on my back. It was quite standard. I’m utilized to it. In fact, the whole trip wrapped up without any type of major incident.

But as soon as I got home, I felt a subtle pain in my tummy. I didn’t believe much about it up until the pain ended up being so intolerable that I couldn’t move. The tiniest motion would cause a lash of pain around my belly. My housemates brought me to the hospital, where several surgeons conducted tests however they couldn’t figure out what was triggering the pain. The preliminary prognosis was appendicitis. Soon, I was told not to eat or drink anything as they prepared me for surgery. however then, appendicitis was likewise ruled out so they cancelled the surgery, however they still had to handle the pain as well as figure out what’s wrong. I was in the healthcare facility for a week.

From Marrakech to may Sakit genuine QUICK!
Turns out I had umbilical hernia — a condition wherein part of the digestive tract is pushing out of my body by means of my stomach button — something I didn’t understand about before. physicians stated it was aggravated since I may have been lifting heavy things. as well as kid was I regularly lifting heavy things when I travel, LOL.

At the time, I had no health and wellness card or Philhealth or any type of kind of insurance. I had to carry all the costs. It was my a lot of costly staycation to date.

Imagine if it occurred while I was abroad! would have been a great deal a lot more difficult. as well as a lot more expensive.

Key takeaway: get a wheeled suitcase instead of a backpack! get checked! get insured! Not just life-insured however health-insured too!

4. That time I got Dengue.

This one occurred a loooong time ago.

Jeg likte utendørs selv som barn. I took pleasure in camping with friends. Vi ville bare ta med en camping telt til stranden eller skogen, så vel som vi ville bli der. however when I was 11, one week after one more camping trip, my buddy as well as I were both rushed to the healthcare facility since of constant, high fever, rashes, as well as nose bleeding. Tilsynelatende hadde vi dengue feber. We were confined in the healthcare facility for 10 days, up until our platelet counts completely recovered.

Damn mygg!
Men mygg, den dødeligste i dyreriket, vil ikke forlate meg alene. I had contracted dengue three a lot more times after that! Forestill deg! They state that a person can only get dengue four times since there are only four strains, so I’m most likely immune to it now. Men denne gangen har jeg oppdaget min leksjon. Dengue isn’t the only illness that mosquitoes bring so I have established a routine of bringing insect-repellent lotion whenever I travel.

I’d been exceptionally lucky that in all instances, I was house when a lot of of the symptoms appeared, so I had simple gain access to to the hospital. picture being in the jungle or in a remote village while suffering from it. Likevel er myggene ikke begrenset i ørkenen. De er overalt: bussterminaler, parker, spisesteder.

Key takeaway: always bring insect-repellent lotion! And, wait on it, get insured.

5. That time I was robbed at knifepoint

Sometimes, risk is much better to home.

The worst criminal offense I fell sufferer to occurred just a few meters from where I resided in Quezon City! I was walking on the method house when a guy unexpectedly lay one arm on my carry as well as directed a knife to my stomach (Why is it always my belly?!!).

“Boss, cellphone lang kailangan ko,” he said. however I didn’t have the existence of mind. I just froze as well as didn’t move. “Ibigay mo sakin yung cellphone mo,” he added, while moving the knife closer.

I couldn’t step of what felt like forever.

A tricycle drove toward us. I was saved, I thought. however my hope was crushed when the motorist spoke, “Gripuhan mo na ‘yan, ayaw yata eh.” At that point I just handed them my phone as well as then they drove away just like that. They got my phone. I still got my life.

Key takeaway: Take care not just during travel however every time. And, yep, get insured since if the asshole made a decision to stab me ideal then, I don’t believe I would still be here.

There have been lots of other moments too, albeit non-life-threatening. I experienced a long earthquake in Tokyo as well as got scammed several times in different countries. however if you comply with our blog closely, you understand that the closest I got to death was likewise my earliest memory of traveling on my own which ended when I fell into a pit of terminate that left me with a huge third-degree shed on my venstre arm. I was just a youngster then.

I’m one of the millions of Filipinos who are not that economically literate. Years ago, when there’s an choice for an insurance coverage for anything (travel, health, life), I’d be the very first to walk to the opposite direction. however insurance coverage is one of the things you must have, you hope you never have to use, however you or your liked ones will be thankful you have when time comes.

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