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What is a Casa Particular? All You requirement to understand about These Homestays in Cuba (with Video)

because returning from Cuba, you may have discovered that we’ve been raving about exactly how fantastic the casa particular experience is in the country. staying with a regional family, eating Cuban food, smoking cigars with the house owners as well as discovering about the nation’s culture as well as history from genuine people was one of the major highlights of our trip. It’s likewise much simpler to experience this now with business like CubaCasa assisting to make on the internet booking quick as well as easy.

There are lots of state-run hotels in Cuba as well as they are rather good as well, frequently set in old colonial buildings as well as in some cases even including wi-fi (!). however they just can’t compare to the experience of staying in a casa particular. 

In this short article we’ll provide you a great concept of precisely what a casa specific is, exactly how to book them, exactly how much they generally expense (don’t worry, it truly won’t cut into your Cuba budget!) as well as what you ought to expect during your stay. We likewise have a quick video of our preferred casa at the bottom of this publish so certainly inspect that out.

The history of Casa Particulares

In Spanish, the casa specific actually implies “private home”. In 1997, the Cuban government revealed that Cuban households might register their house as a privately had company as well as lease out spaces to foreigners.

This was an huge step towards economic flexibility in Cuba. before 1997, all lodging in the country was completely state-owned as well as operated. This legalization of privately had company was one of the very first examples of the Castro administration borrowing hints from capitalism to in shape his idealistic views for a socialist Cuba.

Since Raul Castro took over, numerous much more economic reforms have taken location as well as these days, Cuban citizens are totally free to open restaurants, run hotels as well as even travel overseas. The future for Cuba is looking brighter as well as much more totally free every day.

Travel insurance coverage for Cuba

You’ll requirement to have travel insurance coverage in purchase to travel to Cuba. It’s really mandatory that all travellers have insurance, as well as you may or may not be asked to show proof of insurance coverage on arrival. To get a totally free quote from world Nomads, just go into your details below:

What is a Casa Particular?

Basically these are Cuban house stays, however in our experience there is much more privacy in a Cuban casa specific than in a routine house stay that you’d discover in other parts of the world. numerous times, there is an entire separate home, or at least section of the home, for tourists to stay in.

The household is always there to assist you out as well as chat with you, however you’re provided a great deal of privacy as well. Don’t believe that just since you’re staying in a casa specific that you’ll be expected to hang out with the household 24/7. They want you to get out as well as check out their city as well as aside from some dinners as well as breakfasts, you’ll be left alone to check out as well as relax.

We selected to stay in casa particulars to ensure that we might satisfy the friendly regional owners.

How much Do Casa Particulars Cost?

Usually a casa will expense around $20 CUC which is equivalent to $20 USD since the CUC is pegged equal to the USD. You can get inexpensive mojitos as well as delicious, house cooked meals at practically every casa for a fraction of what you’d pay at a restaurant. A common dinner will expense between 5 CUC – 10 CUC, the parts are huge as well as the food is fantastic. Mojitos & mixed drinks are around 2 – 3 CUC.

How Do I book a Casa Particular?

Many on the internet booking sites like, as well as just don’t include listings for Cuba, however HostelsClub has properties in quite much every town a traveler would likely visit. We had a fantastic experience with them as well as can honestly suggest them.

**UPDATE 2017: Finally! The prominent booking sites as well as Airbnb are now providing listings for Cuba. Click right here to compare costs as well as see evaluations for casa particulars on Airbnb, as well as click right here for

How Do I Find My Pre-Booked Casa In Each Town?

We suggest calling or emailing each casa owner before you show up in their city. many of the time they will come as well as satisfy you at the bus station with a indication that has your name on it. It’s a great concept to organize this since there are numerous stories of people really being conned intoÅ gå til (det de trodde var deres bookede Casa) av en svindel på busstasjonen.

Homestayene har vanligvis ikke en indikasjon på dem, så du virkelig ikke vil forstå noen form for bedre, så vel som om eieren er forberedt på å svømme slik, det er en stor mulighet som han eller hun ikke tilbyr som som Flott av tjenester så vel som fasiliteter som den du hadde bestilt. Prøv absolutt å organisere henting!

Hvordan er CASA -opplysninger?

Jeg kan komponere i tillegg til å komponere om nøyaktig hvor fantastisk oppholdet på Casas var så vel som nøyaktig hvor rene så vel som komfortable de var, men jeg tror det er fineste at du bare inspiserer den raske videoen nedenfor, så vel som en av våre av våre Foretrukne Casas. Denne spesifikke er i Havana så vel som den heter Casa Habana Blues 1940.

For mye mer info om Cuba, inspiser ut artiklene våre her:

For å oppdage spansk før turen til Cuba, klikk her!

En spesiell takk til HostelsClub for at vi tilbyr oss overnatting rundt Cuba. Alle tanker, meninger så vel som evalueringer forblir våre egne, til tross for enhver form for mottatt gratis tjenester.

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