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5 fascinating professions For travel enthusiasts

If, like us, you are a travel fanatic, then you most likely want to understand exactly how you can travel for as long as possible. Fortunately, these days there are lots of travel jobs and on the internet tasks for those who want to be location-independent while working from a digital device. There are likewise lots of careers that you can perform in any type of country, that don’t include a computer. Being stationary while working is a thing of the past.

NOTE: We’ve updated as well as broadened on this publish considerable. inspect out our new as well as improved: 101 travel tasks That Can Pay You While You’re On The Road.

Here are 5 fascinating professions to think about if you are a travel lover:

1. Dive Master

Wage: $800 / month

Work From: Anywhere with diving

Hours / Week: 20 – 30

If you’re thinking about checking out the underwater world, then this may just be the task for you. Of course, it takes a long time to get appropriately certified, however even that can be done while on the road.

In buy to apply to ended up being a dive master, you requirement to be a rescue diver with over 40 dives completed. To qualify as a dive master, you need to have completed the needed course, be a rescue diver as well as have at least 60 logged dives.

This isn’t a occupation that will make you rich, however you will make around $800 / month, get complimentary lodging when working at a dive shop (in a lot of cases), as well as if you’re working on a online aboard boat, you’ll get complimentary lodging as well as food.

The other pros are satisfying people from all around the world, as well as of course, complimentary diving!

This occupation is fantastic for those who like to travel since tasks can be discovered all around the world, anywhere there is water. Click here to discover dive master jobs.

Imagine diving diving in the Caribbean is your job?!
2. travel blog writer / Freelance Writer

Wage: $0 – $10,000+ / month

Work From: Anywhere

Hours / Week: as much as you.

This is an evident choice. travel blog writers are able to roam around the world, documenting their journey as they go. composing about your trip is natural anyways, as a lot of people email buddies as well as household back home, or compose in a journal.

Blogging is much like that, however with a lot more info as well as recommendations added. There are lots of advantages to the job, as well as you don’t requirement to understand anything about computers to begin out.

The primary pro of travel blogging is that all you requirement is a computer as well as a wi-fi connection. This can be tough to discover sometimes, however you can always tether your computer to your wise phone with data.

Blogging from a gorgeous island in Mexico
Once you’ve developed up your website, you can begin reaching out to other magazines, newspapers as well as on the internet publications to offer your writing. repayment for articles varieties from around $50 – $500 / piece.

Bloggers make money from affiliate marketing, social network management, advertising, press trips, as well as much more. The income for this task varieties wildly, from a couple of hundred dollars a month to $10,000 or more. inspect out our article as well as discover exactly how to begin a travel blog in just 5 minutes.

This is the utmost location-independent occupation.

Working on the internet from a cafe in Mexico
3. cruise Ship Worker

Wage: $6,000 / month

Work From: Wherever the sea takes you

Hours / Week: 40+

This is one of the most rewarding tasks available for travel lovers! want to cruise in a elegant ship around the world, while checking out many countries along the way?

Fellow travel blogger, Wandering Earl, serviced a cruise ship for lots of years as well as was able to make a great deal of money, while having the time of his life.

Cruise ship employees are able to check out the world, make buddies with people from all corners of the planet, while getting complimentary lodging as well as food. On top of all of that, they can make $6,000 + / month depending upon the position. Sound as well great to be true? Det er ikke. inspect out this post to discover more.

We just recently had an interview from Cindy Landlust who earned $1,800 / month working on a cruise ship. But, without any lease or food to buy, she was able to pocket all of this money for future travels. Click right here to inspect out that interview.

4. Au Pair

Wage: $800 / month

Work From: Anywhere

Hours / Week: 25 – 30

Becoming an au pair is an exceptional method to online like a local, satisfy terrific people as well as make money around the world. An au pair is essentially a live-in nanny. You will online with the hold family, as well as be thought about a part of their household as well.

You’ll spend a few hours a day taking care of the children, as well as assisting with some light housework. In Europe, expect to work around 25 – 30 hours / week, while in the United States, expect to work around 40 hours / week.

Your tasks will vary as well as you will requirement to go over these thoroughly with your hold family, however generally, an au pair will receive:

Free accommodation

Three meals a day


Transportation pass

Language classes (if necessary)

Pocket money (around $200 / week)

This task is an particularly great choice for solo female travellers who want to see the world, however perhaps are anxious to do so by themselves at first. This task is a fantastic method to ease yourself into travelling.

Click right here to discover a lot more about what it’s like to be an au pair, as well as inspect out Au pair world as well as to discover jobs.

5. Masseuse

Wage: $35 / hour

Work From: Anywhere. finest in Asia & Subcontinent

Hours / Week: as much as you.

Travelling as a masseuse is an exceptional method to make money on the road, as massage therapists are needed (and wanted) worldwide. In particular, in India as well as Thailand, Thai yoga masseuses are in high demand, as it’s a prominent style of massage in that part of the world.

You can get your accreditation in India (check out the city of Dharamsala), which will expense you around $85 as well as will take one week to obtain. Make sure to do your research study as well as make sure that the instructor has the appropriate qualifications.

Once you have your certification, you can work in a spa, or on your own terms! picture working from your home, or on the beach…anywhere in the world. Thai yoga Masseuses make around $35 for a 60 minute massage, as well as $55 for 90 minutes.

This is a fantastic task for any individual seeking to travel the world, however particularly around the Subcontinent as well as SE Asia where this style of massage is a lot more common.

Click right here to discover more.

A few reward concepts To Make additional money On The Road:

Get Paid To compose Online

Get Paid To Travel

How To Make money Online

Paid on the internet Surveys

Gi det et forsøk!

Work no longer needs to be at one specific place! There are so lots of methods to make money, while having the flexibility to travel. ending up being a digital Nomad, or discovering a Location-Independent line of work is ending up being a lot more as well as a lot more mainstream these days.

Starting a travel blog was the very best decision we ever made. To us, being able to online as well as work abroad anywhere we want is like a dream come true ?

Do you work abroad, or have you believed about doing so? Share your story with us in the comments!

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