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SAMPLE travel plan for JAPAN VISA Application (Schedule of Stay)

Whether you’re applying for a JAPAN VISA to excursion or to go to a buddy or relative, one of the papers you need to submit is a everyday travel plan (also called “schedule of stay). The Japanese embassy will be checking out it to see what you plan to perform in their country, which is one big aspect in figuring out whether or not you will be approved a visa.

Fortunately, the embassy has supplied a basic theme for the itinerary. the most crucial details that you requirement to supply are your organized activities, get in touch with person as well as details, as well as accommodations. Let’s break it down per item.

How to Make an travel plan for Japan Visa Application

Dato. This is the date when you make the itinerary. The basic style is YEAR/MONTH/DAY.

Navn. Don’t fail to remember to compose your full name.

Travel Dates. quite straight-forward.

Activity Plan. This is the part where you listing down what you plan to perform in Japan. It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed. No requirement to listing down where you plan to have lunch or dinner or whatever. just provide an introduction will do: the crucial locations you will go to or major activities you will do. If there are days when you don’t plan to do anything or go anywhere, you can compose complimentary DAY or rest DAY on those days.

Kontaktinformasjon. If you’re invited by somebody in Japan, compose their name as well as get in touch with number. If you’re staying at a hotel (tourist visa), compose the get in touch with number as well as email of the hotel. If you don’t understand the get in touch with details of the hotel, google them.

Accommodations. If you’re checking out a buddy or relative, compose their full address. If you’re staying at a hotel, compose the full address of the hotel. Don’t worry, you don’t requirement to be booked with the hotel. You just requirement to go into which hotel you plan to stay.

Samme som ovenfor. If you’re staying in a hotel or at someone’s home on several days, you can compose exact same AS above instead of composing the exact same details in every cell. however of course, if you will be staying in different locations on other days, go into their addresses as well as get in touch with details opposite respective dates.

Sample travel plan Copy

If you want a copy of the above itinerary, you can discover it with the link below. You can utilize it as guide to produce your own. It’s a Word data so you can edit it easily. just replace the details as well as make the needed adjustments. We likewise supplied a blank copy that you can fill out.

✅ everyday travel plan blank COPY

✅ sample everyday travel plan (EDITABLE)

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