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High On Inspiration: 5 Asian-Inspired restaurants in Dubai

one of the fantastic things about Dubai is the sheer variety. This is particularly the situation when it concerns locations to eat, as well as if you’re a fan of Oriental cooking styles then Dubai definitely won’t disappoint. Thai, Chinese as well as Japanese cuisine enthusiasts will all be in their element. right here are just a few Asian-inspired restaurants you’ll want to try out while you’re in Dubai.

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1. Cargo restaurant Dubai
2. Blue Jade
3. Asia Asia
4. Wox
5. Blue Elephant

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1. Cargo restaurant Dubai

This upmarket restaurant is the ideal location in Dubai to sample Oriental street food at its finest. Diners can choose a table at the trendy terrace overlooking the water, which makes a fantastic setting for dishes that are influenced by the flavors of Asia. It’s a good location to mix as well as match flavors. a few of the dishes that you can delight in at Cargo restaurant Dubai include poultry dumplings from China, fried ebi from Japan as well as traditional pad Thai from Thailand, which is provided a distinct twist with pieces of tasty smoked duck.

2. Blue Jade

Decadent dining doesn’t come much much better than this. Every inch of this stylish restaurant speaks of style as well as sophistication. found in the Ritz Carlton hotel, Blue Jade takes diners on a culinary journey into the far east with tasty dishes. Sushi enthusiasts can take their pick from stylish treats at the restaurant’s central sushi station.

3. Asia Asia

Stepping inside this stylish restaurant is like wandering into an upmarket restaurant in China, as well as the décor is incredibly elegant. Dishes you may like to treat your taste buds to are scallop ceviche, spicy salmon maki as well as calamari cooked in the conventional Thai method with a spicy side sauce that is perfect for diners who like a bit of heat.

4. Wox

Take a seat in the atrium garden of the Grand Hyatt Dubai to delight in food based on the easy yet extremely satisfying dishes served at street hawker carts around South east Asia. all of the dishes are freshly prepared as well as include Oriental soup, noodle as well as wok dishes as well as the gourmet twists that are put on the dishes right here make Wox one of the most celebrated restaurants in the whole of Dubai.

5. Blue Elephant

This restaurant provides Thai cuisine at its finest as well as has won awards for its dishes as well as service. The variety of dishes that are provided right here is outstanding as well as includes spicy prawn soup with chili as well as lemongrass, pad Thai as well as eco-friendly curry. The Saturday lunchtime buffet is the ideal time to sample a hold of dishes while soaking up the restaurant’s trendy setting.

Dubai is certainly a location where adventurous eaters can be happy. While out here, enthusiasts of Oriental cuisine can be sure of a full stomach.

Images by George Ariolla as well as Lars Plougmann, utilized under innovative Commons permit

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