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10 Must-Try meals From around the Globe, part #1

browsing for flavourful culinary delights as well as sampling unique foods from around the world is definitely one of the very best parts about travel. Whether it’s street-food or 5-star cuisine, discovering regional specialties is a highlight of our travel days!

We’ve put together 10 pictures showcasing some interesting as well as flavourful foods from around the globe. 

1. Buff Momos in Nepal

This simple snack is one of our favourite dishes in Nepal. Momos are dumplings that are served steamed, or fried with peppers as well as onions. Our top pick is Buff Momos, which are dumplings stuffed with buffalo meat, however you can likewise discover pork, chicken, yak or vegetable stuffings. 

2. Lagman Soup in Kyrgyzstan

This flavourful, hearty soup is discovered around Kyrgyzstan as well as in variations in other parts of central Asia as well as China. In a bowl of Lagman Soup, you’ll generally discover sliced mutton meat with stretched noodles, onions, peas, dill as well as other vegetables covered in a vinegary, as well as sometimes spicy, broth. perfect on a chilly day.

3. Khachapuri in Georgia

This is definitely not the healthiest meal in the world, however it’s a must try! There are variations of this cheese-filled bread, however this is shaped like a boat as well as topped with a raw egg as well as a cube of butter. It’s extremely rich, however delicious.

4. Pita wrap with Tzatziki in Greece

Pita wraps (gyros) are stuffed with poultry or lamb meat, french fries, onions, tomatoes, cilantro as well as tzatziki sauce. These produce the perfect lunch, particularly when gone along with with a block of feta cheese drizzled with olive oil as well as oregano & bread with a plate of tzatziki sauce. Yum!

5. chilly Noodles in China

This was our go-to street side meal when we were living in Yangzhou. flat egg noodles, shredded cucumber, cilantro, cubes of spongy tofu, sprouts, garlic as well as peanuts are all mixed together as well as covered in a soy as well as chili sauce! The perfect summertime meal.

6. Pad Thai in Thailand  

Probably the most famous meal in the Land of Smiles, as well as for great reason. Rice noodles are mixed together with egg, tofu, bean sprouts, garlic, peanuts, shredded carrots, chives, fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, red chili pepper, cilantro as well as finally, your option of meat! There are so many components in this completely balanced sweet, salty as well as spicy meal.

7. Indian Curry in Tajikistan

Ok, so this might (would) likewise be discovered in India, however when we were visiting the funding city of Dushanbe, we discovered the very best Indian restaurant we’ve ever eaten at. It’s difficult to believe, however it’s true. The owner is from Delhi as well as the creamy, spicy curries served with buttery tandoor naan bread were absolute perfection.

8. Tamales in Mexico

Tamales are a corn-based dough stuffed with meat as well as spices, served any type of time of the day. We were lucky sufficient to discover exactly how to make Tamales the Mayan method when we were in Valladolid! After trying many foods in southern Mexico, we discovered tamales were one of the most fascinating as well as traditional foods on offer.

9. Ghormeh Sabzi in Iran

Ghormeh (meaning “stewed”) Sabzi (meaning “greens”) is stated to be the national meal of Iran. Made with parsley, leeks, eco-friendly onions, coriander, dried fenugreek leaves, spinach, beans as well as turmeric seasoned meat, this meal is complex as well as delicious! This specific picture is a version we tried in the desert village of Garmeh, with camel meat as the protein.

10. Grilled Kebab in Turkey

Kebabs are a extremely prominent meal in Turkey. Ground or cubed pieces of lamb, poultry as well as beef are seasoned, then grilled to perfection. Kebab meals are generally served with rice, eco-friendly salad, grilled tomatoes as well as peppers. A glass of hot, sweet chai (tea) is served at the end of the meal.

Feeling hungry yet?!

These are just a few of the many fascinating as well as tasty meals we suggest trying. We like sampling regional foods as well as seldom have we discovered a meal that we don’t like. Food is such an integral part of our lives as well as we always look ahead to discovering the perfect restaurant, as well as meal, in each country we visit.

Check out part #2 – it’s even more delicious!

Any of these dishes noise great to you? have you tried a few of these? tell us below!

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